Our local weekly food subscription service will be coming in 2019. Until then subscribe to be notified of GRAB BAG sales. 

We are a small family micro-urban farm. Our goal is to grow food for our community on a small homestead commercial farm on the North End of Providence. We have a high tunnel about 18 raised beds, and intercultural seed plots. We purchase our seeds from Sow True Seeds to support Black and Indigenous farmers and land justice activists, Southern Seed Exchange and local seed savers.


We hope to add some chickens and rabbits, in the future. Our crops are seasonal and we have plans to intentionally sow African {diaspora} seeds. We seek to become seed savers of revolutionary, historical crop seeds.



We are continuing our weekly food -  GRAB A BAG. We added Solidarity Care Shares to support BIPOC individuals and families.  Join the mailing list for more updates.



We are a seasonal USDA micro-urban farm in Rhode Island located in North End Providence. 


​In the future we hope to provide educational workshops for food-based economics, justice, and self efficacy. 



Our crops are based off surveys polled by our consumers and cultural relevant demand. 


We strive to provide quality, locally grown vegetables for socio-economic equity, health, and wellness based on the food systems injustice within our communities.


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